At Dowagiac Union Schools we believe that all individuals can learn. Our purpose is to educate all individuals to their maximum potential so they will be prepared for college, career and life. Some of the most important factors which have the greatest impact on student achievement and learning is the curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development that is used in our district.

Process: A district-wide Curriculum Council consisting of building administrators and teachers who serve as department chairpersons (grades 6-12) and grade level chairpersons (grades K-5) meets each month during the school year to discuss and review curriculum, instruction and assessment. We have a very systematic process for curriculum, assessment and instruction. This process ensures a systematic review of each grade level, subject matter and best practices.

Questions asked:

  • What do we want all students to know and be able to do? (curriculum)
  • What are the most effective ways to support all students in learning the curriculum? (instruction)
  • How do we know if students have learned the curriculum? (assessment)
  • How do we help teachers learn curriculum and instructional strategies? (professional development)
  • What do we do if students do not learn the curriculum? (interventions)

Dowagiac Union Schools adopted the state and national standards approved by the Michigan Department of Education and the state legislators as District curriculum. In addition, Curriculum Guides are developed to help provide the road map.