Transportation Requests

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Closing School or Staying Open—The Decision

Weather information regarding school closings/delays is broadcast on all local and area radio and television stations starting as early as 5:30 a.m.

If the decision is made to close, the superintendent and his staff begin contacting the media and initiating the district “fan-out system” to notify school personnel. Every attempt is made to get the information out no later than 5:45 a.m.

After-School Activities

When the decision is made to close school due to the weather, all extracurricular activities, K-8 are canceled. However, a decision regarding activities at the high school is not made until approximately 1 p.m. Because activities are scheduled almost every night during the week, rescheduling becomes extremely difficult. As a result, a decision will not be made until early afternoon, but only with the safety of students and staff as a top priority.

Delays or Early Dismissal

We recognize the inconvenience school delays or early dismissals cause families. However, sometimes they are necessary (i.e. early morning fog, or a major snow storm approaching in the afternoon). Having a plan in place for your children will make things easier for you and school officials.