Board Meeting and Survey

The Dowagiac Board of Education is meeting September 28, 2020, to consider allowing students to return for In-Person instruction beginning October 12, 2020. The Dowagiac...

WNIT At-Home Learning Activities

WNIT At-Home Learning Activities

WNIT has continued to provide at-home learning activities for students and families, and here are the most recent schedules!PBS KIDS Curriculum-Based Educational...

Dowagiac Schools Return to Learn

Dowagiac Schools Return to Learn

To help finalize our Return to School Plan, we are asking parents to complete the following survey: Parents will be able to complete the survey through...



Bryan Henry

Bryan Henry

11 days ago

Good Evening Justus Gage Families,

As all of us anxiously await our 1st day of Face to Face (F2F) school tomorrow morning, I wanted to remind all of our families about a few things.
1) Please refer to this link for important documents issued by the district: Parent letter, Wellness Checklist and the DUS Wellness Agreement. Link:

2) It's very important that all students return their DUS issued Chromebook and charger tomorrow morning. Please make sure that it's been cleaned. All returned Chromebooks will then be sanitized tomorrow by JGage staff. Please have your child transport their Chromebook in their backpack to avoid damage.

3) Please refer to this link for important morning arrival information: Follow Link:

First - Fifth Grade students will be dismissed out of their assigned doors. This is the same door that they use for arrival.
Kindergarten families have received specific information for arrival and dismissal on the first day.

4) Please remember to have your child bring a clean mask to school . Masks must we warn both in the building and at recess.

5) Students may bring a disposable bottled water or a water bottle to school. Water bottles must be taken home nightly for cleaning.

Have a good night and Go Chieftains!
Mr. Henry

Bryan Henry

Bryan Henry

13 days ago

Good evening Justus Gage families,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every family member who has helped their child during the 5 week distance learning period. Each and every family member has contributed in so many ways. Your student has developed and learned many new technology skills. Most importantly, they have been introduced to grade level specific curriculum. Once we return F2F(Face to Face) Monday, our awesome teaching staff will continue to provide your student with grade level specific learning opportunities. The entire Justus Gage teaching staff/support staff has worked very hard during the Distance Learning Phase. As we shift to F2F, the entire staff has been committed to provide the best learning opportunity for each and every child, while also practicing social distancing. All of our Justus Gage students will grow academically and socially while maintaining "social distancing". We are excited to have student inside the brick and mortar of Justus Gage Monday morning. Please continue to refer to the district website and Facebook page for important updates. Links to important documents pertaining to social distancing and mask sharing requirements will be shared on Sunday to all Justus Gage Families. Please have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather. Go Chieftains.
Respectfully, Mr. Henry

Bryan Henry

Bryan Henry

14 days ago

Kindergarten Families,

Please follow the link below that explains the delayed drop off/early dismissal times and procedures for our kindergarten students. As a reminder, this is only for Monday, October 12th. :

Bryan Henry

Bryan Henry

15 days ago

Welcome Back Justs Gage Families: Message Home #2

Morning drop off will begin at 8:30. School will begin at 8:40 similar to last year’s start time. Please click on the link for important drop off procedures:

Students will not be allowed to enter the building until 8:30
Students will eat breakfast in their classrooms starting at 8:40.
We have changed our drop off procedures to both improve safety and maintain social distancing.

Go Chieftains!

Bryan Henry

Bryan Henry

16 days ago

Welcome Back Justus Gage Families.

As a friendly reminder, we will be returning to school on Monday, October 12, 2020. We are so excited to begin our sixth week of school with our first day of (F2F) Face - to - Face instruction.

Throughout the week, I will be sharing important information in regards to the first day of school and other specifics on Chromebook return, social distance procedures and processes for breakfast, classroom instruction, lunch/recess and dismissal.

To Kick things off, we will begin with our Visitors’ Policy which will be in place to begin the school year. Please follow the link for this policy: