Justus Gage Believes…

That high student achievement is a responsibility shared by school staff, parents, and students. Here’s a review of our responsibilities as parents and teachers when referring to our Justus Gage School-Family Compact

As a parent, I want each child to achieve. Therefore, I will encourage my child by:

  • Seeing that my child is on time and attends school each day
  • Sending my child to school healthy, well-rested and ready to learn
  • Reviewing my child’s homework and notes from school daily
  • Demonstrating the importance of education
  • Reviewing rules in the parent handbook with my child

As a teacher, I agree it is important that students achieve. Therefore, I will strive to:

  • Create a safe, positive learning environment
  • Keep parents and students informed of individual progress
  • Provide high quality classroom instruction
  • Continue to improve teaching skills
  • Have high expectations for the students in my classroom
  • Deliver reports to parents on their child’s academic performance on National, State and District assessments.