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Helpful Information about Bright Arrow Auto-call System: 

If there is background noise when you answer, such as at a sporting event or in a car with the windows down, the auto-call system will "hear" the background noise as someone answering the phone, and the message will stop/restart until it thinks there is a live person. Pressing the Star * key allows the message to play to completion without repeating.

If you are unable to hear the message, you can a) call 855-994-4242 to hear any message we've sent within the past 24 hours, or b) log into the Parent Portal and access the Bright Arrow notifications to play them again.

The system will leave a voice mail if you have voice mail set up.


Every person in our community can make a difference
in the lives of students by volunteering your time, 
donating goods or services,
sharing your knowledge,
serving on committees.
To volunteer:

Fill out the volunteer form below and 
return it to a school or to the central office today. 


A very special thank you to Scott Rose 
(on Facebook as Photography by Scott Rose
for generously providing us with wonderful pictures
 to post here on our website and on our Facebook pages.