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Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!
Administrative office hours are 8:00am-4:00pm throughout the summer
(doors unlock at 8:30am)
School resumes September 8, 2015


Come Eat With Us!  
The following locations will be serving lunch to any child age 18 or younger
June 15 - August 28

11-11:30 Twin Lakes Park, Lakeshore Road, Dowagiac

11:30-12:00 Rotary Park, Riverside Drive, Dowagiac

12:00-12:30 HS Auto Shop, 701 N. Lowe St, Dowagiac

12-12:30 Water Tower Park, Helena St, Dowagiac

12:30-1:00 Eagle’s Wood Apartments, 29509 Amerihost Dr, Dowagiac

12:30-1:00 ACTION Pantry, 301 Main St, Dowagiac, MI

1:00-1:30 Walter Ward Park, 309 Thickstun, Dowagiac


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Every person in our community can make a difference
in the lives of students by volunteering your time, 
donating goods or services,
sharing your knowledge,
serving on committees.
To volunteer:

Fill out the volunteer form below and 
return it to a school or to the central office today. 


A very special thank you to Scott Rose 
(on Facebook as Photography by Scott Rose
for generously providing us with wonderful pictures
 to post here on our website and on our Facebook pages.