State Police Internet Safety

Dear Dowagiac Middle School Parents,

Internet safety and sending inappropriate images over social media has become one of the top 5 concerns for both parents and schools to address (U of M Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy, 2015) (Mott Report, 2015).  To assist us with educating our students and providing them with a better awareness as to the seriousness of these issues, we have reached out to the State Police for help.  

The State Police has developed an internet safety awareness program that highlights the consequences and fallout that can ensue as a result of unsafe online behavior.  Their presentation has been reviewed by both district and building administration for age appropriateness and content. We are also providing you with an outline of the information that will be shared/discussed with our children (please see the links below). 

It is our plan to have students in our school participate in this 1 hour informational presentation beginning with our *6th grade students on Wednesday, February 5th followed by the 7th grade on February 12th and 8th grade on February 19th.

**If you would like to opt to not have your child participate in this presentation, please contact our office at (269) 782-4440  and we will be happy to provide your child with an alternate educational setting during the period this program is being conducted.  

We thank you for your support with the process in helping us to be proactive in educating your child about these serious issues.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Sean H. Wightman, Ph.D. 


Dowagiac Middle School