Welcome back to School Dowagiac Middle School families!

On Monday, April 20th staff will be facilitating distance/remote learning utilizing the Google Classroom platform.  The majority of students at DMS have been exposed to this platform and are familiar with it enough to be ready to engage in the instruction they will be receiving.  

In an effort to provide you with consistent feedback of your child’s academic progress, you will be asked to accept an invitation to be a member of your child’s 1st hour Google Classrooms.  By accepting this invitation, you will receive updates on your son’s or daughter’s progress in ALL of their online classes.  So, please be on the lookout for this important invitation so we can help keep you informed.  

The REMIND APP  is another method many of our teachers make use of to provide families with additional information about their classrooms (e.g. announcements, assignment deadlines, missing student work, etc.).  If your child has one of the following teachers listed on their schedules, please take advantage of this opportunity to stay connected as well:

Teacher Name

Remind App 

Mrs. Marrs (Healthy Living)


Mrs. Marrs (Media Literacy)


Mr. Schuchardt (7th Grade Science)


Mrs. Solloway (6th Grade Science)


Mrs. Cummings (8th Grade Science)


Mrs. Stockwell (8th grade ELA)


Mrs. Deering (6th grade ELA)


Mrs. Cromer (7th grade ELA)


Mrs. Stanger (Spanish)


Mrs. Leighton (6th grade ELA)


Mrs. Leighton (Life Skills)


Mrs. Leighton (SOAR)


Mrs. Frontczak (8th Grade PE)


Mrs. Frontczak (6th grade PE)


Mrs. Frontczak ( Healthy Living)



For your convenience, teachers will be available 2 hours each week to answer your questions or to provide additional help/support for your child.  Please see below for specific times and days of the week: 

We know and expect there will be “bumps in the road” as we work together through this process.  With your patience and support, I’m confident we will be able to provide all of our students what they need to be a success.


Dr. Sean Wightman


Dowagiac Middle School


(269) 782-4440