Hero's of the Week 1/7/22

Drake Boht is our student Hero of the Week for the week ending 1/7/22.  Drake is a great example of a Pat Ham Hero.  He is always walking in the hallway with his hands behind his back, eyes straight ahead and no talking.  He is always going right to where he needs to be.  He is a great example to the younger students.  Keep up the good work Drake!  Our staff Hero of the Week is Mrs. Tavolacci our art teacher!  Mrs. Tavolacci inspires the students to do their best.  You can tell that just by walking down the hallways of the school when you see all the art work hanging.  The creativity that she brings out in the art that her students do is amazing.  She also strives for each student to be an example of a Pat Ham Hero!  Thank for all you do Mrs. Tavolacci!