Good afternoon Dowagiac Union Schools Community. 

 As we continue to work through life with COVID, we currently provide different ways for the district to stay connected to school events at the PAC such as board meetings and various performances/activities where our students are involved.

Therefore, I want to share the latest pilot project being implemented from the high school competitive gym with you.  We have installed a motion-tracking camera system in the gym.  This system does have audio, but it is an audio system that is broad enough to pick up sounds from the whole gym, so the experience will be as if you are there.  You will need to have access to the Dowagiac Schools YouTube channel to experience events, and it is free! 

As mentioned, this is a pilot program that we hope goes well and gets a lot of use.  If it does, we will look at ways to expand the program to other areas, programs, and buildings in the district.  So, go and set up your subscription to our YouTube channel so you can easily access upcoming events.  

You can access our YouTube channel at or go to Youtube and search Dowagiac Union Schools.