K-5 Virtual Learning families, please check your email for important information sent from k5vl@dowagiacschools.org.
over 2 years ago, Katrina Daiga
DUS Daily Schedule for Distance or Virtual Learning You can see the information and examples to help you choose your students learning path by clicking the link: https://5il.co/jyur
over 2 years ago, Jonathan Whan
Dowagiac Union Schools Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan can be reviewed here: https://5il.co/jt87
over 2 years ago, Dowagiac Union Schools
The notification that was issued today referencing Distant Learning and In-person instruction, the Board determined at last Wednesday's meeting that we will use distance learning during the first five (5) weeks for students in kindergarten - 12 grade being that we are in Phase 4 of the governor's system. After three weeks, the district will reassess and determine if we will extend distance-learning beyond the five weeks and consider In-Person Instruction. If our region is moved into Phase 5 during the first five weeks, we will assess moving to in-person instruction. If this transition happens, it will not happen overnight. We believe it will take a least one (1) week but no more than two (2) weeks to make the shift.
over 2 years ago, Dowagiac Union Schools
Please read the Superintendent's update regarding school opening this Fall. The link is here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MNWUbqQcNSp3immQ5nNZA79sFdvP9gzR/view?usp=sharing
over 2 years ago, DUS Contributor
If you have visited Chris Taylor Field lately, you would have seen the new “walk of fame” sidewalk with the inlaid bricks. Unfortunately, due to an issue with the process, cracking has started taking place and the project has to be redone. This will begin soon and the cost is being covered by the contractor and project management company, with no expense to the district. This delay is unfortunate, but the Board and administration felt this part of the whole project could not be accepted in its current condition.
over 2 years ago, Jonathan Whan
State of the Union District Newsletter recently released. You may view a copy of it here: https://5il.co/gtzy
almost 3 years ago, Dowagiac Union Schools